What products do you offer?

No matter what you're looking for we've got you covered. Whether it's enough frames to decorate your entire house, albums to send to grandparents, or a few printed photos just for you, we've got it all. 

How much do you charge? What is your pricing structure? Do you have a minimum spend?

Our session fees are $190 - this covers the session itself and you can then select any products or packages of your choice. There is no minimum spend, so while we hope this would never happen, if you decided you didn't like a single image from your session you wouldn't be committed to buying anything. You also get to see an extensive preview gallery to help you decide exactly what you'd like to purchase after your session. You don't need to decide what you'd like to purchase until after you've seen your preview gallery.

We offer an extensive range of products and packages, with prints starting from $50 and high resolution digital sets starting from $495. For full details please email us for our pricing brochure.

Do you offer digital files/ negatives?

Yes, we offer digital files in sets of 5, 10, or your full set of images. You can expect at least 50 photos should you choose your full set. Remember, you don't need to commit to any purchase until after you've seen your preview gallery, so you can decide on whichever set or package is best for you after you've already seen a preview of your images.

Do you use photoshop/ do you edit our photos?

Yes, we edit every single image you receive. That doesn't mean we throw a bunch of photoshop tools at your photo in the hopes they will turn them into a masterpiece. Most of our planning (composition, lighting, aperture, distance etc) is done in camera. We use photoshop with a delicate hand, so it emphasises what couldn't quite be captured in camera. Our post production work is done very carefully, and we spend considerable time on every image we deliver to our clients. If you like the images in our galleries (Family | Newborn | Birthday), we guarantee you'll be pleased with the photos from your own session.

If we purchase our digital files do we have to print our photos through you?

No, absolutely not. You're free to print your photos wherever you choose. However, we use specialist print labs, and offer archival papers to ensure your prints will last for generations. Wherever you choose to print your photos, we recommend sending them to a professional print lab to achieve the most pleasing results. Even if you don't choose to print through us, we'd be pleased to pass along the details of a few consumer print labs to ensure you'll get great results.

Where are you based?

We're based in Drummoyne, in Sydney's Inner West.

Where are the sessions held?

We hold our sessions all across Sydney. Sometimes they're inside, sometimes they're outdoors. We've found parks are great locations if you have toddlers or kids that love to run around and play; while sessions at home are great for newborns and young babies. It's entirely up to you where we hold your session, but we have a long list of favourite locations and we're very happy to provide some recommendations if you're not sure. Sometimes we shoot in huge parks like the Bicentennial Park, while other times at the local park at the end of the street.

We'll chat about location during the lead up to your session. We've been photographing families all across Sydney for six years, so we'll almost certainly have some nearby locations in mind just in case you're unsure.

When will our photos be ready?

We know you'll be keen to see your photos as soon as possible after your shoot - we would be too! We'll send a preview shortly after your session to give you a taste of what is to come. We take great care with the post production of your images, so you can expect your full set of images within 3-4 weeks.